“A mentoring  internship program, designed to teach reproducible discipleship to young people…”

We are seeking young men and women, 14 and older, that have a desire and passion for learning the process of reproducible discipleship.  We believe that this is not an accidental process, but one that should be taken seriously and be done purposefully in order to achieve the greatest effectiveness for the Kingdom.

EPIC is a 40 day Discipleship program designed to teach young people reproducible discipleship along with other valuable ministry skills.  This is a co-gender program  where the male leadership and participants will be under the direction of Gary Reckner and the female leadership and participates will be working under Gary and his wife Kathy. This is not a “fix it” program for young people, but a program designed to teach the effective process of reproducible discipleship to those attending in a working ministry/family setting.

During the 40 days here at the ranch we will be covering various topics that affect ministry and discipleship such as:

  • The who, what, where, why, and how of discipleship

  • Personalities, spiritual gifts, love languages, learning styles

  • Characteristics of effective leaders

  • Identifying levels of spiritual maturity

  • Modesty of dress and attitude

  • Principles of authority

  • Effective and creative communication skills

  • And many others topics (Topics may vary year to year)

Apart from classroom study time young people will learn varying ministry/service related skills on the ranch and  in the office, as well as during local service projects. There will be opportunities for hands-on training/exposure to riding and handling of horses here at the ranch and how to use them and other tools to effectively communicate the truths of God’s word to others. The level of involvement and training in various areas will be adjusted according to interest, time, needs and skill levels of those attending.

The goal of having this program co-gendered is to create a realistic environment, which requires young people to focus on what God has for them to accomplish regardless of those around them. There will be an appropriate amount of time spent apart as well as together. Part of learning to be effective in the real world, church, and ministry is to be able to effectively communicate with and around the opposite gender without becoming distracted, inappropriate or miss-understood.

Our core curriculum is base off the two books “Real Life Discipleship” by Jim Putman, and the “5 Levels of Leadership” by John Maxwell. Other supporting classes and topics vary from one EPIC to another.

The program is divided up into 5 weeks of training. All activities, training, outings/adventures and service projects will be structured around the phase of discipleship and/or leadership we are studying. 

WEEK 1: The first week they will be learning about Level 1 leadership: Position – Rights – “People follow you because they have to, and the identifying what a Disciple is and what God has called us to do.”

WEEK 2: We will be learning about basic evangelism and how to share your faith in order to help new believers grow in their relationship with the Lord. We will also be learning about Level 2 leadership: Permission – Relationships – “People follow you because they want to.”

WEEK 3: We will be focusing on the process of connect and training fellow Christian in ministry. Young people will be given tools/training to help them work with their parents in seeking God purpose/plan for their life as well. They will also be learning about Level 3 leadership: Production – Results – People follow because of what you have done for the organization. Level 4 leadership: People Development – Reproduction – “People follow because of what you have done for them.”

WEEK 4: Young people will be training and learning how to train other fellow Christian in to minister in varies areas and callings. They will also be learning about Level 4 leadership: People Development – Reproduction – “People follow because of what you have done for them.”

WEEK 5: Is our finial week, where we reflect on the training of the past four weeks and where we transition into releasing the young people to go home and begin the discipleship process with those God has called them to reach. During this time we will have also planned a few special events that will be booth fun and memorable, while summing up the entire reproducible discipleship process, and the finial Level of leadership. Level 5 Leadership: Pinnacle – Respect – “People follow because of who you are and what you represent.”

Basic information:

  • Upcoming Epic programs: There are currently no Epic programs scheduled for 2017.
  • Cost: $875
  • We will not be accepting applications after June 1st. Register now, SPACE IS LIMITED!  (Registration currently closed.)
  • The cost includes room, board, 1 tan EPIC polo and 1 tan EPIC t-shirts, a binder and all other program and other activity related cost during their stay. Please bring denim, black or navy pants or skirts to wear along with your EPIC shirts in addition to your regular clothing.
  • Participants will be issued a copy of the books we are going through during EPIC.  The books are Real Life Discipleship (workbook) by Jim Putman, and The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell. Along with a program binder, that includes notes, regulations, schedules and information needed throughout the EPIC program.
  • We have a limited number of spaces available in this program and acceptance into the program in based on a application process. Please contact us to start your application process.
  • For more information on dates and prices, contact Brystol Reckner by phone or email. Check the website often for more updates coming soon!

Our prayer is that we will be able to help young people see the bigger picture of what God has called all Christians to do. (Mt 28:19,20) Gary and Kathy Reckner have graciously opened there home and ranch to hundreds of young people, children and parents since the fall 2008. One of their desires is that by doing this they would not only help impact individuals for God, but they would also help others see how you can make a difference in a home setting to those around you. The purpose of HGMM is “to impart God’s truth, zeal and purpose to this present generation.” Our desire is that working in this home/ministry setting all those attending will gain a practical and clear vision of the many ways God could use each of them!

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