Horse Training

Horse Training

Here at HGMM, horse training is a must in order to continue doing what we do. It is a never ending, ongoing labor of love that enables us to reach children, young people, and families with the message of Jesus Christ. Horses are a core part of what we do here at the ranch. They are a bridge to the hearts of the people, helping individuals of all ages and walks of life see the relational principles of life and the character of Christ play out right before their eyes as the horse responds to its trainer/rider.

If you have a horse that you would like trained, please check out Bethany Reckner, Kimberly Reckner, and Wesley Reckner, who are our current horse trainers. Our trainers use a gentling approach to horse training, winning the heart of the horse so that they will yield out of a desire to please, not because they are being forced to or out of fear.

Their passion is to use their gifts/talents for working with horses as an opportunity to share the message of Christ with the people they come in contact with, through the horses they are working with.

Call or contact us for more information on our Horse Training services.

Bethany Reckner (270) 213-1249  |  Kimberly Reckner (270) 213-0779  |  HGMM (941) 705-1048

  • Pricing per 30 days of training (Minimum 1 hr per day):
  • 30 days of riding and training:
  • $500 (Full board included)
  • $400 (Feed and Hay not included)

We reserve the right to refuse any horse or terminate its training if it presents itself to be an unnecessary danger/risk to horse and rider.