Sonshine Camp 2018

Sonshine Camp: June 24 – 30, 2018

Most families today are lacking love, harmony and respect. Of all marriages, almost 50% end in divorce, leaving broken and shattered lives behind. Every day, there are children living in pain and sorrow, needing someone to tell them that they’re loved. If no one steps up, these children are headed for an adult life without having ever experienced the love that should have been received in their childhood. What hope is there for those whose lives have been thrust into turmoil by the harshness of life?

What’s it Like?

This camp, while possessing many of the qualities of our other camps, is quite it’s own. Our “Sonshine” camp is designed specifically for young children that endure troubled lives at home. For an entire week in the Summer, each camper will have a personal “Guide,” ensuring that the child is getting all the attention that his/her situation requires. This camp is quite different from our other camps as far as any schedule is concerned. For most of the week, campers have an “at your own pace” schedule, with a few organized and scheduled events, such as mealtimes, group games or events, an evening session including songs and a skit to help explain the Bible verses they’re learning about, and bunkhouse time(bedtime). The rest of the time, campers have a variety of activities to participate in with their guides like fishing in the pond, hiking the trails, riding horseback, riding the zip-line, firing archery & pellet guns downrange, making crafts, swimming in the pool, Scripture memory verses, and much more.


Ways to Get Involved

1. Pray with Us!

We would be so grateful if you would join us in praying for Sonshine Camp and for all of the lives that will be involved!

  • For all the precious children that are coming to camp! That God would work in their hearts and that they would able to understand His truth and how Jesus loved them more than anyone else ever will and how He died for them so that they could be saved. That they could have fun and enjoy their time here.
  • For the all the leadership, that they would be open vessels for God to love these children through. For wisdom to respond to the children and compassion to understand their needs.
  • For safety and the Lord to protect and guide the whole camp.
  • For the Lord to bring sponsors to lovingly provide a way for the children to come to camp.



2. Step Up & Give Love!

Our Guides: For this camp, our guides are a very carefully selected, handpicked crew of men and women that are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of these children. To apply for consideration as a guide for this camp, you may fill out the volunteer application online form to the right, then fill out our camp leadership form. If you have previously served as a volunteer and would like to serve with us at this camp, then you only need to fill out a camp leadership application.

Volunteer Application

Sonshine Camp Leadership

3. Sponsor a Child/Leader:

Due to the financial status of many of these children’s families, each one of our campers needs to be sponsored. By God’s grace, the ranch has always offered this program completely free of charge. We’ve been deeply blessed by each donor that steps up and joins us by sponsoring a child.  Because of this generosity, many children have been blessed as they experience the redeeming love of God during their time here at the ranch. We are in need of at least twenty sponsorships of $350, one for each child/leader pair (or $175 to sponsor either a child or leader), but gifts of any amount are greatly appreciated. Without your support, we can’t make this happen. Help us love these children. Read about options for sponsoring a child here or Contact Us for more information. If you plan to either give a sponsorship or fill a backpack, please sign up here: Sonshine Camp Registration!

If you have a child in mind that you think should come to camp, please fill out this form. You don’t need to be a sponsor in order to send a child to camp, nor must you have a child attending to become a sponsor.

Once the registration form has been approved, this next form must be filled out by the individual’s parent/guardian.